Your mind can kill you or it can heal you

 Hypnosis lets you heal.

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Your emotions and feelings are held in the cells of your body and your body remembers the hurts, the pain and the frustrations. Every time you think about or remember the problems/s that trigger those emotions, you build more neural connections and your reactions get stronger and more of a habit.

Dealing with your feelings and your hurt is the secret to healing stress, anger, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. Your body must know that the event is over and it is safe to return to calm.

Just thinking about a problem logically, or going over it again and again in your conscious mind actually increases the number of neurone connections  and increases your stress and anxiety. It does not communicate with those buried memories in the cells of your body so that those events that triggered the problem can be over.

Hypnotherapy is astonishingly effective because it lets you communicate directly with those problem memories and their and emotions to let you know deeply that they are over and it is safe to return to calm… all without consciously reliving the problems.

Abuse, accidents, continual pressure either at home or work or any other stress or trauma hold harmful energy in your body.

If it is not released that harmful energy builds up throughout all the cells of your body as anger, anxiety, etc. and often turns inward harming your health… even killing you over time.  

Jean Cannon is an expert in healing  stress, anxiety,trauma and PTSD.  She is registered with Private Health Funds as a Provider for consultations to relieve these and other hypnotherapy treatment.  AND she has been there… after 3 abusive marriages on top of childhood trauma Jean “gets” what you are coping with.  Just phone 08 8365 9513 to get help. 

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Your mind is so powerful

Your mind is so powerful and knowing a little bit about how your brain and your physiology works really helps you to manage it. And it also helps you to manage your health and your emotions.

Understanding some neurophysiology makes sense:

  • Your sympathetic nervous system is about “fight and flight”

  • And your parasympathetic nervous system is “rest and digest”

These can get out of balance and I am sure you already know that when you are in and anxiou...

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Getting rid of PTSD is life giving!

Why is important

  • Why do you make your choices?

  • Why do you feel the way you do?

  • What is the why about your emotions?

  • So many questions…

Here is the big why for me. I grew up with PTSD from my earliest childhood and it became worse during 3 abusive marriages.

I was always good at hiding it and outwardly performing well but my anxiety levels, lack of sleep, nightmares, those thoughts that constantly ran through my head, the knot in m...

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Prolonged stress is overwhelming

Prolonged stress is overwhelming. It is a bit like blowing up a balloon – eventually it bursts under the strain.

What actually happens is that when too much comes in either at once in an overwhelming event or the stress has been too prolonged, the hippocampus in your brain gets overloaded and stops filing things properly.

The hippocampus acts like the librarian, filing the information coming into your brain before it is stored. If it is not filed, then the problem is not over and it goe...

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