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The thing is that we hold our emotions and feelings in the cells of our body and our body remembers the hurts, the pain and the frustrations. Thinking about a problem logically, or going over it again and again in your conscious mind does not communicate with those buried memories in the cells of your body to let the events that triggered the problem be over.

With serious stress and similar conditions hypnotherapy is astonishingly effective because it lets you communicate directly with those problem memories and their associated feelings, know deeply that they are over and it is safe to return to calm… all without consciously reliving the problems.

Dealing with the feelings and the hurt is the secret to healing stress, anger, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. Your body must know that the event is over and it is safe to return to calm.

When you receive abuse, accidents, continual pressure either at home or work or any other stress or trauma, this negative energy is retained in your body.

If it is not released it builds up throughout all the cells of your body as anger, anxiety, etc and often turns inward harming your health… even killing you over time.

Stress and trauma must be released to allow your whole body to know that is over and it is safe to return to calm.

Jean Cannon is  registered with Private Health Funds as a Provider for consultations to relieve stress, anxiety, PTSD, other hypnotherapy treatment.


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Blaming attempts to discharge emotional pain

Blaming attempts to discharge emotional pain that you are feeling. It is time to stop and question who you are blaming and why.

You may very well be correct that the person you are blaming was the cause of your stress or trauma but if you want to get rid of your resulting emotional pain, you need to work it though properly so that you get the benefit of healing.

Your emotions are yours and no one can cause them. The person can be responsible for causing a situation or even a trauma but ho...

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What happens when you are stressed

What happens when you are stressed whether a trauma or continual stress and you have reached a limit?

It might be a major accident or problem?

Or when you are continually stressed and you feel you have reached a limit? A bit like a balloon getting over full and bursting.

Both have the same effect…

The part of your brain, the hippocampus, that acts like a librarian, filing, cataloguing and putting information and memories away (in your pre-frontal cortex) freaks out and your memorie...

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Your unconscious mind is so powerful

Your unconscious mind controls 90 percent of what you think and do and yet other people programmed most of this from your birth and through your childhood.

When you frequently repeat a thought or behaviour that trains the neurones in your brain to build more connections and you make actual physical changes to your brain. Are they the changes you really want?

So is what you think about and all your long-term habits helping you or could it be harming or even killing you? It is worth stoppin...

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