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Your mind can kill you or it can heal you

Your business systems (or lack of them) can destroy your business… or it can heal with increased profitability and productivity.

Jean Cannon brings both 20 years of lean and straightforward management system consultancy and 5 years of hypnotherapy to help you cope with the change and stresses of modern business.

  • ISO systems for small business
  • Simpler systems for smaller business
  • Stress, trauma and PTSD help for those of you who find it all too much

“Jean has the ability to transform companies.  She tells it like it is and communicates very effectively”.  Leica Theodore, Company Director Port River Marine Services

“Jean Cannon understands how industry works. This is the best effort I’ve seen at simplifying what some people have made an art of complicating.”          Hagen Stehr A.O Tuna Farmer

As well as degrees and qualifications in auditing Jean is also registered with Private Health Funds as a Provider for consultations to relieve stress, anxiety, PTSD, other hypnotherapy and NLP treatment.


Latest Newsletter

The key to coping with change

I am currently involved in totally overhauling my aging and increasingly less reliable computer system that does not like some of Microsoft's regular changes. I no longer need a server. I use xero now so my bookkeeper's computer can be stand alone and connected to the internet and I am changing my desktop to an Apple laptop because I find this so much more stable - turn it on and it comes on without trying to sell me up to Windows 10, and an unwanted One Drive and install 23 updates. It certainl...

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More changes in a disruptive society

Today one big change is a new Prime Minister. We wait to see what changes this brings. There may well be other changes in your business and in your life that are nothing to do with Government.

Some changes cause us to rejoice, however even there, there can be aspects of that change that can be difficult to cope with.

We live in a disruptive society when changes happen faster than any time previously. The thing is that so many changes are out of your control, and that can feel stressful an...

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What is your brand strategy

I went to a recent talk by Michael Neale from Literally Brilliant in Adelaide about brands and branding. He works with organisations to help them with their branding and also what he calls for enhancing our monthly business focus and market ourselves ‘by stealth”. Sounds like a great idea to me so I decided to pass it on.

Michael also reminded us that while legally every Officer and Director is responsible for their business brand however in fact, every member of a business affects the brand.


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