The pressures of Christmas are here again

November 30th, 2017

We all have a range of expectations about Christmas and these are often not met. Instead Christmas can be about increased stress, anxiety and depression.

It is a very expensive and exhausting time of year and the shops go crazy trying to start your spending increasingly early and increasing the amounts. In fact I apologise for sending this early because I don’t want to even think about Christmas until mid December but am forced to.

An if you run your own business, you may also need to cope with the Christmas shutdowns and the impact of that on cashflow.

Christmas can be a stressful time as many families are not totally about supportive love. A surprising number of families have their dark secrets about who bullied and even abused other family members. Yet media about the love and joy of being together bombards us.

In many families we end up with a bunch of people cooped up together expecting a wonderful loving time. Grandma has no idea why the tensions are there but there is lots of guilt around not upsetting her. The problem can be that while we can choose our friends we can’t choose either our relatives or our in-laws.

And of course your real family can be about the people you love most rather than the ones with the same genetic tree.

If you are one of the many people who have to cope with sharing Christmas with family members who abused you there is time to come and see me so that I can help you to pull the fuse out of those resulting emotions so that they just feel like historical facts.

I help your unconscious mind to deal with the problems from the past and the perpetrators in your wonderful imagination, leaving you feeling safe and relaxed to cope with the rest of your family and enjoy your day.

When you sort out any past bullying and abuse, it also has an amazing impact on the rest of your life because what happens in childhood and especially in our families sets us up for lack of confidence, higher stress and anxiety levels and being bullied throughout our lives until we defuse it.

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