Overwhelm causes autoimmune diseases

June 14th, 2017

Overwhelm causes autoimmune diseases like MS, Thyroid, lupus, various allergic responses and many more because when a person becomes overwhelmed a short-term Fight, Flight, Freeze protective response is triggered.

If overwhelm continues the response disrupts the body’s hormonal balance and becomes the autoimmune disease.

Your body is attempting to destroy the thing causing the stress and escape and if is unable to do so… your body turns on itself harming itself instead.

This may have been when you were very small and can’t remember… but your body remembers.

What your body remembers can either kill you or it can heal you and it makes sense to sort out unresolved stress and see what was happening around the time that you began to develop symptoms.

To effectively change your body’s response your unconscious mind needs to know that the danger is over.

If you are seeing other health professionals like naturopaths and many others I can liaise with them to achieve much-improved outcomes… often remarkably rapidly.

Sometimes autoimmune diseases seem to run in families. However when you stop and look at the family, it may be that the stressful or overwhelming situation is what has run in the family.

In any case it may well be worth trying to see whether a 3 session hypnotic program can help resolve the problem. Just give me a phone call to ask how I can help. I am always delighted to answer questions and explore how I can help you.

And I have successfully worked with clients all over Australia and internationally using a very easy to use videoconference that is available from your computer or tablet, you only need email, earphones and a video camera in your computer or tablet and they all do nowadays.


Autoimmune disease is caused when a person becomes overwhelmed, triggering a short-term protective response disrupting the body’s hormonal balance and becomes the autoimmune disease.

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